Easily manage the digital identities of the administrative staff, as well as student and teachers' identities in your municipality during their whole life cycle. This solution is built on standardized tools and designed to adapt to the municipality's digital future.
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We host webinars about Microsoft technology on a regular basis. Missed one? You can watch them all here, on demand. Enjoy!
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Our experience with Kristian Nese and Lumagate encourages our desire to continue to work with them on future projects
Jon Espen Carlsen
Lead Architect, TeleComputing
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In Lumagate we develop concepts with known technology so you can start using it faster, at a lower cost. Gain advantages in a more rapid pace.
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Now we can help customers build hybrid cloud solutions that give them a much wider range of powerful IT services than before, at a lower cost. They get the best of both worlds; a mixture of public and private cloud services
André Jonsson
Service Developer at GDM Consultant
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In Lumagate we love to share! We have knowledge and experience we would like to share with you. We do that through webinars and events. See what's up next and sign up.

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Lumagate strengthen its team with Datacenter and Cloud expert

To be able to help our customers reach their strategic company goals, we always seek new champions to add to our team. Lumagate focuses on our customers’ strategic goals and how we can reach them with[…]
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Azure AD Business to Consumer - Custom Policies (4/4)

Greetings! In our final installment of our Azure AD Business-2-Consumer (B2C) blog series we will be diving deeper into B2C’s extensible policy framework and looking at product SKUs and pricing. Let’s[…]
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Azure AD Business to Consumer – Policies (3/4)

Today, we continue our look on the Azure AD Business to Consumer (B2C) service. Previous posts have introduced the service and explained its architecture and scenarios. Today, we are going to start lo[…]
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