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What you need to know about the GDPR

by Christian Dommersnes | 2017-04-13

After remaining largely unchanged for nearly two decades, data protection laws in the European Union have finally been updated. For a long time, companies have enjoyed a relatively stable set of regulations. Now business [...]

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Stefan Schörling | 2017-03-23

Save Your Operational IT Costs & Invest In Innovation

Over the years Lumagate has helped organizations to optimize their business. Since January we have enabled tens of thousands of users to wor [...]

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Remi Vandemir | 2017-03-20

Lumagate Norge søker: Azure & Hybrid Data Center konsulent

Konsulent: Azure & Hybrid Data Center Lumagate opplever stor pågang fra kunder som ønsker å benytte vår unike kompetanse på Microsoft Cloud [...]

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Remi Vandemir | 2017-03-15

Lumagate Norge søker: Identity and Access Management konsulent

Konsulent: Identity and Access Management For å understøtte den raske veksten Lumagate har hatt i Norden de siste 3 årene, spesielt innenfor [...]

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Bettina Berntsen | 2017-03-08

Why celebrate International Women's Day?

The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all wh [...]

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Stefan Schörling | 2017-03-03

Why Shadow IT Is Here To Stay and How To Deal With It

Whether you like it or not, Shadow IT exists inside your organization. A recent global survey of 200 CIOs found that 83% have seen the unaut [...]

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Stanislav Zhelyazkov | 2017-02-24

Monitoring Windows OS with Lumagate and Operations Management Suite

As an IT consultancy with the mission of driving business evolution forward, we aim to offer our customers cutting-edge solutions that help [...]

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Ulf Månsson | 2017-02-14

Lumagate loves...

It's that time of the year again - Valentine's Day. It's a day to celebrate all kinds of love, and in that occasion we would like to tell yo [...]

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Benedikte Reiersrud | 2017-02-09

4 Reasons why you should consider Azure as your cloud platform

Since it was launched in February 2010, Microsoft Azure has become one of the most popular choices for cloud computing services in the world [...]

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Olov Norman | 2017-02-01

How to build your dream team for innovation and change

4 things to think about when creating teams in a modern IT world. As you can imagine, there are many downsides to building a team where you [...]

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