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Frequently Asked Questions

Innofactor Acquisition

What's up with your new logo?

Our logo has added another name to it - Innofactor. The Finnish IT company acquired Lumagate October 10th 2016. Innofactor has therefore been added to the logo to easily explain that Lumagate is now part of Innofactor.

Why did Innofactor acquire Lumagate?

Innofactor saw Lumagate as an important step in Innofactor's expansion to become the largest Nordic Microsoft-only powerhouse and a perfect fit into their vision of being "The Leading Nordic Provider of Cloud Solutions and Digital Transformation".

Lumagate brings a lot of expert knowledge, expertise and experience within Microsoft's cloud platform Azure. Furthermore, Lumagate has more than a decade of experience within the system management field from both a technical point of view, as well as in advisory.

Now, we offer a complete Microsoft portfolio to the Nordic market, and we know that this full-cycle approach is in high demand.

Read the press release on the acquistion here.

Read the Stock Exchange Release here.

Will the acquisition affect my customer relationship with Lumagate?

No, it won't. The contract/projects/relationship you have with Lumagate and its employees will withstand as it is today. The only difference is that you now can ask services on Microsoft's complete portiofolio of products!

Will Lumagate change its name to Innofactor?

Yes, we will. By the end of 2018 Lumagate will change its name to Innofactor and thus be fully integrated. That is also why we have changed our logo now, before we change name entirely to Innofactor.

What's happening to Lumagate in North America?

Innofactor only acquired Lumagate in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. The vision for Innofactor is to be the Leading Nordic Provider of Cloud Solutions and Digital Transformation. 

Lumagate in North America will still be named Lumagate and be its own entity, entirely separated from Innofactor.

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