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Our customers
help us drive our business evolution forward

Learn about our different customers cases and how we have applied our expertise, solutions and products, which have helped our customers drive business evolution forward.

One Identity is saving us for a lot of time. It is adjusted to the external partners and in our HR system so that they are a part of the process and easily can create users. Working together with Lumagate has been an excellent experience. We’ve had some good discussions on strategy and I experience that Lumagate is willing to push and find the best solution for us. 

Kristian Styrvoll

IT manager

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With Azure Mobile Apps, we cut the development time to a third of what it usually is and made the work much less expensive, because the vast majority of the development took place directly in the cloud by connecting elements together.

Peter Nielsen

Global Infrastructure & Service Manager - Group IT

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We sleep better at night knowing that the information is not accessible for parties who shouldn't access it. It's important for us to be sure that we can ensure business critical data that we don't want to share with everybode else.

Bilal Chebaro

CIO, Gränges

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According to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, organisms live and die through the natural selection process. According to IT consultancy company Lumagate and its theory of business evolution, businesses today thrive and develop through their ability to adapt to the cloud. 


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Our focus now, is to eliminate the possibility for human errors and automate as much as possible.

Øyvind Takøy Naas

Senior Advisor and Head of Security

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We now avert the problems before they appear and think strategic around the digital transformation of Ski Kommune

Eivind Stensrud

CIO, Ski Kommune.

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We have 10 different locations that needs drifting with different number of computers. It was too time consuming for me alone in IT without any automized installation routines. Lumagate made it possible for me to run the IT apartment alone.

Sven Nordang


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The main reason for choosing Lumagate is the competence of key resources – especially MVP Morgan Simonsen. We have over the past years established a new infrastructure platform based on Microsoft Azure in a hybrid cloud solution. This has been done with very limited resources both technical and operational through an extremely well working mutual collaboration in an agile environment. 

Arvid Vegge

Vice President Business Improvement

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Lumagate and Kristian Nese have brought us essential expertise in this transformation. Kristian’s knowledge in this area is world class and he has collaborated in a very effective manner using Lync wherever he has been located. Without Kristian's expertise this project would have taken much longer to realize.

Svein Arne Hammersland

Head of Architecture

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Now we can help customers build hybrid cloud solutions that give them a much wider range of powerful IT services than before, at a lower cost. They get the best of both worlds; a mixture of public and private cloud services.

André Jonsson

service developer

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Both Kristian Nese and Lumagate with their professional approach, expert knowledge and well-formed method for sharing knowledge has ensured TeleComputing to take advantage of many of the early adopters key strengths while avoiding many pitfalls. Our experience with Kristian Nese and Lumagate encourages our desire to continue to work with them on future projects.

Jon Espen Carlsen

Lead Architect

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The basic idea is to make security so simple, convenient and transparent that it becomes practically invisible.

Anders Damm Christensen

Head of Department, KMD Denmark

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