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Why E-Health Could Be The Answer to Growing Healthcare Demand

by Thorstein Rinde | 16-03-2018

Time to read: 11 min

In 2018, world’s healthcare systems are facing unique and mounting challenges. Until now, growing demand has been met with ongoing increases to resources, expanding budgets and recruitment to meet demand. However, accord [...]

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Innofactor and HUS-min
Bettina Berntsen | 08-03-2018
Time to read: 5 min

Innofactor Plc honored as recipient of the 2018 Microsoft Health Innovation ...

ESPOO — March 8, 2018 — Innofactor Plc today announced it has been named a recipient of Microsoft Corp.’s 2018 Health Innovation Awards. The [...]

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Bettina Berntsen | 27-02-2018
Time to read: 8 min

Expansion of the popular Health Village (Hälsobyn) concept to the other Nordic ...

Innofactor has concluded a collaboration agreement with the municipal association called the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) [...]

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Jens Andersson | 14-02-2018
Time to read: 5 min

The Azure cloud is secure - but are you patching your employees?

I’m currently traveling back from Seattle where the annual Intelligent Cloud Architect Bootcamp was held. Together with 450 Microsoft employ [...]

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Ola Stensløkken | 23-11-2017
Time to read: 2 min

How to set up MFA with Conditional Access

Hi guys. So – MFA and CA. Two very useful tools I think everyone could and should benefit from. But, how do you set them up? In the followin [...]

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Norway web-14.jpg
Thorstein Rinde | 15-11-2017
Time to read: 7 min

Why Norwegian Municipalities Struggle To Automate Identity Management

Identity management (IM) problems faced by governmental IT departments the world over have sometimes been referred to as “Identity Managemen [...]

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Ola Risheim | 08-11-2017
Time to read: 6 min

Laws & Regulations Regarding The Use Of Public Cloud

These days, the majority of modern companies are using the private cloud for business. On the other hand, as regards the public cloud, firms [...]

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Olov Norman | 02-11-2017
Time to read: 7 min

The Future Of Business Is Digital: Here’s How To Nail Digitalization

Digitalization has long ceased to be simply a buzzword or trend. It’s a revolution that began long ago and continues to gather pace. In fact [...]

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Olov Norman | 23-10-2017
Time to read: 3 min

TechDays Sweden 2017 - Are You a Rookie or a Veteran?

It's time again for the annual TechDays, Microsoft's largest conference in Sweden for IT technicians, developers, and IT decision makers. Th [...]

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Sarmad Jari | 18-10-2017
Time to read: 5 min

How to Connect Azure SQL to IaaS

Azure SQL is a fantastic service, it offers many features and benefits, but many of our customers do not like the idea that Azure SQL expose [...]

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