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Three technical experts join Lumagate in Bergen

by Hanna Andersen | 2017-09-19

Companies in private and public sector in Western Norway now has many experts to choose between when starting their digital transformation. With three newly appointed experts at the Bergen office, Lumagate is ready to he [...]

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Alexander Solaat Rødland | 2017-09-18

Microsoft Teams to replace Skype for Business?

For some days I have been preparing this text on Microsoft Teams as the go-to tool for collaboration and communications within your organiza [...]

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Bettina Berntsen | 2017-09-11

Lumagate is nominated as Partner of the Year

Microsoft in Sweden has just released their list of finalists in their annual partner awards. Lumagate is a finalist in the category "Intell [...]

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Jaana Nylund | 2017-09-04

Taking ERP Into The Cloud – 7 Hints From a Project Manager

Innofactor implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Cloud Platform for critical business processes. The new solution has been opera [...]

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Morten Reinhardtsen | 2017-07-25

A Step-By-Step Guide To Increase Management Services Security

Using Azure Load Balancer to increase management services security In this blogpost, I want to explain how you can use Azure Load balancer t [...]

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cfo analyzing financial report
Jakob Li | 2017-07-19

Why 60% of CFOs are NOT involved in technological decision making for their ...

According to our recent survey of CTOs, CFOs and business developers in Norwegian companies ranging in size from 350 to 1000 employees, 60% [...]

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Bettina Berntsen | 2017-07-17

Lumagate: Norway’s No 1 in cloud services – wins Microsoft award

Lumagate is Norway’s no 1 in cloud services. Microsoft, the award presenter, says that Lumagate has landed the highest increase in new custo [...]

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Ken Robert Løken | 2017-07-12

Paralysis by Analysis: How to manage the overwhelming amount of information on ...

Based on our interviews with CTOs, CFOs and business developers in Norwegian companies which range in size from 350 to 1000 employees, 80% a [...]

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Benedikte Reiersrud | 2017-06-29

The Basics Of Cloud Technology For Business Developers

Business developers typically don’t concern themselves too much with cloud technology, unless they are in the business of selling it of cour [...]

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Ola Risheim | 2017-06-27

6 Ways Your Company Isn’t Taking Full Advantage Of The Cloud

Regardless of your circumstances, the digital economy requires constant connectivity. Your employees need access to data at all times in ord [...]

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