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How To Detect And Protect Yourself From WannaCry

by Stanislav Zhelyazkov | 2017-05-24

In light of the WannaCry attack a week ago, and the importance of your management lifecycle, including security, we have developed a solution on how you can detect WannaCry ransomware and protect yourselves, using Operat [...]

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Remi Vandemir | 2017-05-13

Massive ransomware campaign hits victims in at least 100 countries. What is it, ...

Today, many of our customers and the critical systems they depend on were victims of malicious “WannaCrypt” software. Microsoft worked throu [...]

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Lisa Drevet | 2017-05-10

Teknikspecialist ITSM | Stockholm

Jobbar du med IT Service Management och gillar att lösa komplexa problem? Vill du jobba i teknikens framkant med ITSM och med Microsofts mol [...]

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Lisa Drevet | 2017-05-10

Specialist Molntjänster | Stockholm

Som specialist inom molntjänster på Lumagate arbetar du som konsult och är en del av ett team vars uppgift är att leverera moderna molnlösni [...]

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Bettina Berntsen | 2017-05-10

Spend your day with Norway’s Microsoft MVPs!

What is the MVP Day? The MVP Day is founded by 11 Norwegian Microsoft MVPs that wanted to create a scene where it is possible for Norwegian [...]

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Benedikte Reiersrud | 2017-04-27

PSD2 - Banking Industry’s Biggest Challenge?

Over the last few years, the banking industry has tried to keep pace with the digital revolution. Online banking, mobile apps and contactles [...]

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Christian Dommersnes | 2017-04-13

What you need to know about the GDPR

After remaining largely unchanged for nearly two decades, data protection laws in the European Union have finally been updated. For a long t [...]

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Stefan Schörling | 2017-03-23

Save Your Operational IT Costs & Invest In Innovation

Over the years Lumagate has helped organizations to optimize their business. Since January we have enabled tens of thousands of users to wor [...]

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Remi Vandemir | 2017-03-20

Lumagate Norge søker: Azure & Hybrid Data Center konsulent

Konsulent: Azure & Hybrid Data Center Lumagate opplever stor pågang fra kunder som ønsker å benytte vår unike kompetanse på Microsoft Cloud [...]

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Remi Vandemir | 2017-03-15

Lumagate Norge søker: Identity and Access Management konsulent

Konsulent: Identity and Access Management For å understøtte den raske veksten Lumagate har hatt i Norden de siste 3 årene, spesielt innenfor [...]

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