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Save Your Operational IT Costs & Invest In Innovation

Over the years Lumagate has helped organizations to optimize their business. Since January we have enabled tens of thousands of users to work more productive with Office 365, and we have automated thousands of man hours. We are seeing a huge uptake of cloud services. Many of our customers are shifting focus from a traditional IT delivery model to adopting a cloud model. As a company, we are helping our customers to start using these models and with that, optimizing their operations. 

Optimizing your operations is important from many perspectives, not only from a cost savings one, but also from an innovation perspective. Systems often have requirements to handle mobility and be prepared for load bursts, and if you can’t deliver that in a quick manner there is a risk for projects to be stalled and then loose traction in your business evolution. Digital transformation requires a new way of thinking, not only new technical solutions. 
Digital Transformation Book of Dreams v1_229.jpgSource: https://www.slideshare.net/MicrosoftAT/digital-transformation-book-of-dreams 

Based on Lumagate´s deep knowledge and experience from the field, we have identified four pillars as the foundation for Optimizing Your Operations.

  • Process Innovation – Spend resources where it matters
    Within process innovation, we help customers to optimize their IT Service Processes and their IT Operational Process with automation and service catalog management. The customers that have a need to move faster and develop new services at a rapid pace, we are helping with our experience in DevOps, in combination with their traditional IT, it forms a Dual-Speed IT approach where you take care and optimize your existing IT and at the same time move very rapid with Dev Ops and often cloud and PaaS services.
  • Application Transformation – Making sure your apps are supporting your business needs
    To transform a business, you often need to change the way you are thinking and working. With that, it often comes a need to transform your applications to work in a new way, work on new platforms or increase security. This is where our DevOps teams, Transformation Leaders, and Architects come in. We are there to partner with you on your transformation journey. With our experience in the field, we will help you accelerate your transformation and optimize the core of your business.

  • Platform Optimization – Utilizing your resources where and when they are needed
    To be able to perform a transformation you need to have a platform that can support your business strategies A combination of public and private cloud, and a variation of cloud models are often necessary. IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS play different roles and supports different needs. Together we form the cloud platform you need.

  • Business Insights – Having information at your fingertips when you need it 
    When everything is moving at a rapid pace and we gather more data than ever, it is very important that we can see trends and predict where we are heading. With our experts in data analytics, we can help you see and predict where you are going. To be able to see where you are going and predict where you will be, business insights are an important tool for organizations to make sure they are on the right course. 

The question if you should choose IaaS, PaaS or SaaS is something we get a lot, and our answer is always “it depends”. All models have their pros and cons, and which model to choose is connected to your business strategy and the needs that your business has.

What we are seeing is that the strongest growth of the cloud models is SaaS for standardized services. PaaS has a huge uptake for services where companies want to steer the development themselves.

Both Gartner and IDC confirms this in their latest reports. They predict that growth of public cloud will peak this year at 18% and then stabilize. The largest growth for 2017-2020 is predicted to be IaaS with a growth rate of 100 %. SaaS is the runner-up with a predicted growth of 63 %.

A trend and a so-called disruption we are noticing is that the industry is moving towards SaaS services and selling them through open marketplaces. Marketplaces give benefits for both technology companies as customers, companies can put their solutions on the marketplace and immediately reach a broad mass of customers. While customers get a standardized way of purchasing and delivering services through these marketplaces and get in touch with solutions they would never have found before.

Click the picture to go to Azure Marketplace and the solution.
At Lumagate we are also following the flow of the evolution and we are investing in our presence in open marketplaces. A few weeks ago, we released a free”Monitoring Windows OS” solution for Microsoft Operations Management Suite. With open marketplaces, innovation will grow, and many more companies will have the possibility to promote their solutions in an easier way. With this said I have a strong belief that open marketplaces like Azure Marketplace and OpenStack Marketplace and many more will speed up innovation and competition in the cloud market.

Going forward, I will keep you up to speed on a quarterly cadence. I’ll share my thoughts on what’s going on from our view on binding technology and business together to make most out of your business. In my next update, I will be focusing on how we help our customers to Empower their Employees. Until then, feel free to look into our services to reflect on our offerings within digital transformation.


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Stefan Schörling

Stefan is working as a CTO at Lumagate (part of Innofactor) and is awarded Microsoft MVP within Enterprise Mobility. Stefan started working with security in the mid 90s and has been in the industry ever since. Over the last 4 years he has been focusing on enabling customers being more productive and secure with Cloud Technology.

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