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Empower your employees

Give your employees the freedom to work wherever, in the best way that suits them and their team. Empower them to choose their own platform, laptop, tablet or phone. In a modern workplace, it is possible to provide a great experience with great security.

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To empower your employees, take this into consideration:



How do you handle the process on new people joining the company? What about people leaving? Ensure that every employee got the right access at the right time. In a world of more and more cloud services it get even more complex to verify the correct access connected to the user identity.


Azure AD Premium, Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), Privileged Access Management, Just in Time Administration



In the modern workplace you are able to empower your employees to work from whatever device the like. PC or Mac doesn’t matter anymore. PC, Laptop, tablet or phone, you are able to provide a great experience on whatever form factor your employees likes and best fits the situation. We believe that the freedom to choose empowers your employees and increase their productivity.


Windows 10, Intune, Advanced Threat Protection, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)



Your data is mobile, and so should your security be. The time when you could protect your data inside your firewalls has passed. Today, data travels in emails, USB sticks, shared in different cloud services and of course on your employees devices. Make sure your devices are secure and kept in control while you enjoy the advantages of mobility and agility.


Azure Information Protection, Data Loss Prevention, Cloud App Security, Bitlocker, Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Direct Access, Azure Web App Proxy, Citrix



Give your employees the opportunity to be as mobile as they want. With the right technology, you are able to present a great experience to your users without regards to the platform or device they use. To really empower your employees you need to give them a great experience.


Cloud App Security, Azure AD, Intune, Citrix XenApp, Conditional Access



It’s all about teamwork. You will not achieve greatness if you try to do it alone. The power of a great team transforms your organization. Great collaboration not only increase your internal productivity, you are also able to include your customers. Offer them better customer experiences, quick access and easier communication. The possibilities are endless.


Office 365, Yammer, Teams, Innofactor SharePoint Products

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