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 Align your technological investments with your business’ strategical goals. LumaAdvantage is a framework where all your needs are covered in one portal, combined with strategical advisory to help you understand and create the roadmap for your future.

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Some of the benefits of LumaAdvantage

Cloud Score

Find your cloud journey score to learn about your status quo and how to proceed.


Access to your own Cloud Journey Advisor to plan the roadmap for your future.

Project Management

Full overview over your projects, at all times.


Access your timeline for full overview with your interaction with Lumagate.

Microsoft Insights

For service providers: Get full control over your billing, usage and priorities. All neatly presented in your own Power BI dashboard.

Your files

See all your documents and files in one place.


In the forest of new cloud applications from Microsoft, figuring out what to prioritize and do first is a challenge for many IT managers. For BWOffshore being part of LumaAdvantage has given us valuable insight and a good overview in the Microsoft Cloud portfolio.

I also like no cure no pay subscription. Meaning we can terminate on short notice if we dont't find it adding value over time. We will encourage others to use this service - it is a low risk service, which helped us start our cloud journey the right way.

Fritz Ekløff

Senior VP Corporate IT & Systems

LumaAdvantage has given IronStone as a cloud hoster a market advantage. With over 60 cloud templates and scripts, LumaAdvantage gives us the option of using finished solutions instead of building everything ourselves. Helping us focus more on customer satisfaction.

 LumaAdvantage is the modern take on the customer and contractor relationship.

Jonny Andersson


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LumaAdvantage Free

With LumaAdvantage FREE you have access to your own portal where you will find valuable information during projects with us. The portal consists of several modules, and each module has its own specific function.

  • Find your contact person in Lumagate and connect directly
  • Check the progress in your projects with the Project Manager timeline
  • See all your files
  • Add extra functionality in the portal, for example learning material, workshops etc. For more information, contact your Account Manager.


Access your portal here

LumaAdvantage Standard

Get access to your own Cloud Journey Advisor, who will take you throught a Cloud Journey Assessment and give you a Cloud Journey score, based on the findings. From here, your Cloud Journey Advisor will help you decide which investments you should make in order to reach your strategical goals for the company. 

  • Conduct a Cloud Journey Assessment and receive your Cloud Journey Score
  • Your Cloud Journey Advisor will keep in touch and follow you every step of the way
  • Get access to LumaAdvantage-only webinars and learning material 
  • Get Microsoft Insights for full control over billing and usage
  • Find your contact person in Lumagate and connect directly
  • Check progress un your projects with the Project Manager timeline
  • See all your files
Access your portal here

Interested to learn more about the Cloud?

Download the Cloud Journey here